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 Post subject: Kara Solo
PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:26 pm 
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So since Tomas mentioned it in his post I thought I would say something :P After reading somewhere than the first three bosses in Kara had been soloed by someone I felt left out and figured that I could do that!

I cleared all the trash up to Attumen because I couldn't remember if it was linked to him and I didn't really want to fight it all at once. I also cleared the group by the blacksmith before fighting him because I forgot to repair :P The boss fight was actually pretty easy. I used LoH at the end of phase 1 because the knockdowns from Nightmare meant I took a bit of damage from time to time. The rest of the time I was blocking for 90% of the damage and seal of light was easily keeping me alive. Phase 2 was mainly annoying because of the curse being up for half the time which kinda stopped my DPS. It didn't hurt in the slightest though.

On the way to Moroes I figured I was overzealous with the trash before so I only killed the valet at the top of the stairs and the waiters inside. It's quite strange standing in front of Moroes with all the aoe grounds still up :P Now the adds could have been worse, but both priests, ret paladin and arms warrior wasn't exactly the best combination... This was hard. With only 2 ways to interrupt the holy priest it was a bit of a DPS race at the start. It took a couple of goes to get this right and another go before I managed to kill the shadow priest as well without being totally screwed for mana and health. Once I got those two down the other adds fell over and it was just me and Moroes. Now Moroes doesn't hit for anything through a shield but the garotte is kind of irritating. I had a wipe on 30% because I just ran out of cooldowns and mana. The next time I got him though by managing my mana a little better and casting a holy light everytime he vanished.

Maiden was dull... I forgot why I hated her so much; silence is irritating. However her damage output is pretty low and she doesn't holy fire the tank :P Once I got into the swing of keeping a judgement, holy shield, seal of light and sacred shield up I was stuck on 35% health with it not going up or down. Hers slowly went down and after 10 minutes she was at 20% and I was thinking I could entertain myself with hammer of wrath. Of course then she went big and red and one shot me.... I never knew she had a enrage timer :( Anyway the next time I forced myself to stay awake and used a few more buttons and she died in about 6 minutes.

Then I got Romulo and Julianne for Opera so I did the only sensible thing and bubble-hearthed. No interrupts ftl :( Maybe I'll try it with the glyph of exorcism at some point. However the spell damage of Julianne was kinda raping me before I gave up. Maybe I'll get Big Bad Wolf next time and then I can try Nightbane!

All in all I died about 6 times and made about 60g per boss. Not bad really for a couple of hours of fun. I might farm Attumen for the mount.

 Post subject: Re: Kara Solo
PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:24 am 
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I completely forgot he has a mount that can drop. I might give it a go sometime too, I'm getting bored of farming for the Baron's Deathcharger for my Death Knight. But thinking about it, Attumen's Fiery Warhorse would also look cool for a DK.

Good job on soloing so much of Kara though! I miss that place. :(

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