DKP System

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DKP System

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What is DKP and why do we use it?

DKP stands for Dragon Kill Points. It is a method used to distribute loot within raiding guilds that encourages participation in raids and tries to ensure that the more effort you put in, the greater the potential for reward. The basic idea is that you are awarded DKP every time you attend a Guild raid. When high level loot drops from the mobs and bosses within the raid you can spend your DKP to obtain it. This is done in place of the usual "need or greed" system.

The reason we use DKP is that it encourages people to be more selective over what they ask for, and helps to create a fairer distribution of loot within the Guild. In any end game instance the amount of high level loot is going to be less than the number of people attending the raid, so most people are going to go away from it 'empty handed'. With a "need or greed" system one person may end up coming away with loot from several consecutive runs, and while that's good for them it's not really fair on the people that are outrolled.

Gaining DKP

DKP will be awarded for most official Guild raids. The term "DKP" is not really very accurate as it's not based solely on the number of "dragons" that are killed, but it is a recognised term and picking another would only cause confusion.

DKP for Guild raids is based both on the number of bosses killed and the amount of time and effort spent on a raid. There are many factors that will be considered in determining the total DKP from a raid and the total value for the raid will be determined afterwards by the Raid Leader and Master Looter, with input from Sensei where necessary. This basically means that the longer the raid goes on and the more bosses are taken down the more DKP you accumulate. Tougher bosses will give higher DKP rewards. On raids against the toughest bosses extra DKP will be awarded for making the attempt even if the raid is not successful.

Signing up on the Raid Planner, being online and available when the raid invites go out, being on TeamSpeak, having CTRA/oRA2 installed, having all your equipment fully repaired, bringing necessary consumables and reagents and staying until the end are all important to the success of the raid. While you may still gain DKP even if you don't do any of these things your reward will be less than for those that do. A bonus may also be awarded if an instance is cleared more quickly than expected, killing a boss for the first time or for perseverance in attempting to kill a particularly difficult boss.

DKP is recorded on the DKP section of the Guild website, and will be updated at least once a week.

Spending DKP

You can spend your DKP to obtain items from the Guild Bank or obtain drops in Guild raids. DKP will mostly be used to obtain Epic quality items, and the majority of Uncommon and BoP Rare loot will be rolled for if needed. Any item which is rolled for will not cost DKP, but if you particularly want one of these items you can choose to bid DKP for it. There are exceptions, for example BoE Rare drops which would otherwise go to the Guild Bank, that may cost a small amount of DKP.

There are special rules which apply to some items which drop during raids. Currently these rules cover epic gems, Marks of the Illidari, Hearts of Darkness, Nether Vortexes and patterns. For more information on the rules that cover these items please see the Special Loot Rules post.

Bidding DKP

A bidding system will be used for high value items that drop during raids. Bids should be typed in Raid chat. You may place as many bids as you want, but once you have placed a bid you cannot retract it. Bidding will continue until a winner emerges. The highest bidder will win the item, and the DKP they offered will be deducted from their total.

Minimum bids are as follows:
  • Rare items - 3 DKP
  • Epic items - 10 DKP (on-spec) or 3 DKP (off-spec)
  • Legendary items - 20 DKP
As stated above, most BoP Rare items will be rolled for unless someone specifically wants to bid for them. Bidding for high level BoE Rare items will start at 3 DKP.

Bidding for most Epic items will start at 10 DKP. If the item you are bidding for is "off-spec" (i.e. it is not suitable for the class and role you have chosen to raid as) then you can start bidding at 3 DKP instead of 10 DKP. As an example of this, if [item]Panzar'Thar Breastplate[/item] drops any Protection Warriors or Protection Paladins would start bidding at 10 DKP, but DPS Warriors or Holy/DPS Paladins who want the item for those rare times that they tank may bid starting at 3 DKP. Your role is as agreed with your Class Leader and cannot be changed without notice and prior agreement.

"On Trial" members of the Guild have lower priority on all loot and will only be allowed to bid against others of the same rank. Anyone ranked as On Trial should be focusing on proving themselves to be good enough to be a member of the Guild rather than on obtaining loot.

If you do not have enough DKP to reach the minimum bid then you can still bid the minimum amount, even if you have zero or negative DKP. You will, however, have lower priority than those who have higher DKP than you, even if those with higher DKP are still On Trial.

If nobody is willing to offer the minimum bid on an BoE item it will usually go to the Guild bank. If nobody is willing to offer the minimum bid on a BoP item it will usually be sharded, and the shard will go to the Guild bank.

Rules for "Farm Raids"

In "Farm Raids" everyone ranked Apprentice or higher has equal bidding rights, and there is no priority based on your chosen role. This means anyone ranked Apprentice or higher may bid any amount they wish for any item that drops, provided they can make some reasonable use of it and they have enough DKP to cover their bid.

"On Trial" members may only bid if no higher-ranked member of the Guild is bidding, in which case they have the same rules as above. Those with insufficient DKP for the minimum bid may still offer the minimum, but will have lower priority than anyone who has more DKP than they do.

There are no rules preventing someone from bidding on an item they may not have much use for, but obviously we trust that you will respect your fellow Guild members and think about who will get the most use from an item before bidding. Remember Rule One - Don't Be A Dick.

"Farm Raids" currently include:
  • Gruul's Lair
  • Magtheridon's Lair
  • Serpentshrine Cavern (excluding Vashj)
  • Tempest Keep (excluding Kael'thas)

Rules for "Progress Raids"

In "Progress Raids" your maximum bid is based on your rank and the rank of those you are bidding against. Samurai may bid as much DKP as they have. Apprentices and Wanderers may only bid up to 20 DKP if they are bidding against a Samurai - if no Samurai are bidding they may bid as much DKP as they have.

Off-spec bids are not allowed on loot that drops in "Progress Raids" if someone of equal or higher rank is making an on-spec bid.

"On Trial" members may only bid if no higher-ranked member of the Guild is bidding, in which case they have the same rules as above. Those with insufficient DKP for the minimum bid may still offer the minimum, but will have lower priority than anyone who has more DKP than they do.

"Progress Raids" currently include:
  • Serpentshrine Cavern (Vashj only)
  • Tempest Keep (Kael'thas only)
  • Mount Hyjal
  • Black Temple

Rules for "PuG Raids"

In "PuG Raids" the rules can be determined by the Raid Leader. Usually loot will be rolled for if needed since no DKP is gained from these raids, but the Raid Leader can choose to allow DKP bidding if they wish to do so. In this case someone may choose to bid DKP on an item rather than roll on it, with bidding starting at the usual minimum bid. Once bidding has started on an item anyone else may choose to bid higher, following the same rules as used in "Farm Raids". If you choose to roll on an item you may not start bidding just because you lose the roll, but if someone else starts bidding you may join in.

The decision on whether to allow bidding should be made before the start of the raid, and the Raid Leader must ensure that everyone participating in the raid knows and agrees that DKP may be used. This includes any non-Guild members attending the raid, who must be made aware that they will be unable to win an item if a Guild member starts bidding on it.

At the end of any raid where DKP has been used it is the Raid Leader's responsibility to ensure that a PM is sent through the forums to an Officer detailing what items dropped, who took them and how much DKP was spent on them.

"PuG Raids" currently include:
  • Karazhan
  • Zul'Aman


If you wish to raid with with an alt then you should ensure that you sign up on the Raid Planner with that alt. Any DKP you gain while playing as your alt will be assigned to your main character. If you notice a separate total on the DKP charts for an alt then you should post in the How To Report DKP Errors thread to have the scores merged. You can spend all your accumulated DKP regardless of which alt you are playing as, but remember that your characters may have different ranks and must follow the bidding rules that apply to characters of that rank.

Note that it's generally expected that you will bring well-geared characters to the harder raids - you should not expect to be allowed to bring a new level 70 alt to a high level raid if your gear would make you a liability. You may also be expected to switch to another character in order for the raid to be successful - if the Raid Leader asks you to switch it is expected that you will do so, as otherwise it may be difficult for the raid to continue.

Losing DKP

While it should hopefully be rare, it is possible to lose DKP if your actions warrant it. As an example, wiping the raid may result in a penalty depending on what you did to cause it. Other examples include:
  • Not being on TeamSpeak
  • Not having oRA2/CTRA installed and working
  • Arriving late
  • Leaving early
  • Going AFK without warning or for a long period of time
  • Not being fully repaired at the start of the raid
  • Not bringing the necessary reagents, consumables and gold for repairs
  • Failing to follow instructions given by the Raid Leader or another Officer

As a more serious example, attempts to gain DKP that you did not earn will result in a heavy penalty. There will also be a heavy penalty for retracting a winning bid within a raid, and for deliberate attempts to 'burn' the DKP of your fellow guildmates by bidding for items you don't really want.

DKP does not "decay" over time - once you have gained DKP you will generally keep it until you spend it. There is no 'percentage attendance' based system which will affect your ability to spend your accumulated DKP based on the percentage of guild raids you attend either. If you don't show up to a raid you won't get DKP for it, so that should be enough of a reason to attend them when you can. The only other way to lose your DKP is to leave the guild.

And finally...

The DKP system will constantly be evolving and changing to suit the needs of the guild. DKP values and rewards will vary from time to time, and if changes need to be made to the way we operate the system we will do so. Comments and suggestions for improvements are welcomed and can be posted via the Members forum or mailed to the Shogun or Sensei.
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