List of Required and Recommended Addons

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List of Required and Recommended Addons

Post by P3mby »

Below is a list of the mods that you should look into. They are separated into 4 sections - those that we consider to be required, those that are not required but are considered to be beneficial to the guild as a whole, those that are recommended and those that are class specific.

All members of the guild should have all Required mods installed, especially if you wish to be included in guild raids. It would also be helpful if you could install those listed as Guild mods.

Note: Hybrid classes should also check the ones from the melee and caster classes as these may be applicable.

You can get these mods from the following sites:

Required Mods

You must have Ventrilo and either oRA2 or CTRA installed and working before joining a Guild raid.

  • Ventrilo - Voice comms software. Not a WoW mod but required for Guild raids. For more information on configuring Ventrilo see the post here
  • oRA2 - Basic raid interface with low memory and CPU usage. Displays Main Tanks, Player Targets, Resurrection Monitor and Cooldown Timers but does not display raid group frames. Addons such as sRaidFrames (see below) can add this functionality
  • CT RaidAssist - Fully featured and highly configurable raid interface, but higher memory and CPU usage than oRA2

Guild Mods
  • Cartographer - Map replacement that includes instance and battleground maps, and optionally replaces your world maps with completed versions. Includes a comprehensive map notes system. Shows the location of Guild members who have the mod running on your world map. Lots of optional addons including Cartographer_Herbalism and Cartographer_Mining which record the locations of herbalism and mining spots
  • FuBar_VoiceFu (Requires FuBar) - Shows who is currently talking on TeamSpeak, provided they also have this addon installed

Recommended Mods

Loot Rollers
Price Mods
  • WoWEcon - Price mod that displays Realm-specific vendor and AH prices for items based on a downloaded data file. Also includes a searchable item database and disenchant information
  • Auctioneer - Price mod that displays vendor and AH prices for items based on scans performed on the AH. Also provides profession related information
Map Mods
  • Atlas - Map replacement that includes instance and battleground maps and loot lists for instance bosses
  • Cartographer - See Guild Mods section above
  • Gatherer - Map notes system that records the locations of herbalism and mining spots
Raid Mods
  • Deadly Boss Mods - A comprehensive set of mods for the various raid bosses in the game which give you warnings about special abilities those bosses uses
  • BigWigs - An alternative to Deadly Boss Mods
  • sRaidFrames - If you installed oRA2 rather than CT RaidAssist you may want to get an addon that shows custom raid frames. This is a good example of an addon that displays all the relevant information without taking up lots of memory
  • Omen Threat Meter - A graphical display of threat values for those in the raid, can be helpful if you tend to have aggro problems
  • KLH Threat Meter - An alternative to Omen, also known as KTM Thread Meter
  • SW Stats - Damage meters and more. Records everything that happens in the Combat Log, allowing you to pull out statistics like damage done, healing done, deaths, decursing, etc
  • Chronometer - Displays bars on screen that show the remaining durations on spells and abilities you use on yourself and others
  • SCT (Scrolling Combat Text) - Displays combat information as scrolling text on your screen. Download sct, sct_options, sctd and sctd_options for the full package
  • FuBar - Provides a small bar across the top and/or bottom of the screen that shows a variety of customisable information panels. See the web page for a list of available plugins
  • Titan Panel - An alternative to FuBar, comes packaged with several useful plugins
  • Critline 5.0 - Saves your highest damage and healing records and displays them on-screen. Can plug into FuBar or Titan Panel
  • ItemRack - Allows you to set up equipment sets that can be swapped with a couple of mouse clicks, for instance changing from DPS gear to tanking gear
  • ChatMOD - Modifies your chat window by colouring names in their class colour, highlights words like "invite", allows you to copy URLs to the clipboard, etc
  • Prat - A more comprehensive and configurable alternative to ChatMOD
  • Cosmos - Mod collection that provides a host of plugins designed to improve the interface to WoW. It's advisable to backup your Interface folder before installing Cosmos

Generic Class Mods

Melee Classes

Caster Classes
  • Decursive - Assists with cleansing of debuffs
Hybrid Classes

Class Specific Mods


  • Kharthus's Hunter Timers - A replacement for Sorren's Hunter Timers. Shows countdown bars that show the durations left on various hunter effects and abilities

  • HolyHope - Mod that groups Paladin seals and blessings into two circular button panels, helping to clear space on your button bars

  • EnergyWatch - Shows when the next tick of Energy will arrive
  • TotemTimers - Shows your active totems and their remaining durations[/url]
  • Necrosis LdC - Mod that helps Warlocks manage their shards, stones and summons

If you know of a mod you use that would make a good addition to this list, please post it here along with whether it's to be considered Required, Recommended or Class Specific (along with class or class type). I shall add them to this list and try to keep it up to date.
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Post by Beckie »

Seths top 10 addons - yes my bf makes my addon folder

Adds a button so when you talk to a vendor you can click this button and it will sell all greys in your inventory - Can be altered to make it automatically sell. ... fit-v4-11/

Enables you to see what all your alts are wearing and what is in there inventory and bank. ... ersviewer/

Trying to do something that requires you to be unmounted will automatically dismount you from your mount. Eg clicking on a flight path / mining. ... zdismount/

Shows loot of dungeons and reputation rewards without use of thottbot etc. ... -enhanced/

Tells you what quests are availible to do in an instance - currently not upto date with outlands ... tlasquest/

Atlas Outlands Maps
Shows all the locations of the quests in outlands - who needs thottbot? ... ands-maps/

Changes ratings on items into % for if you understand old system better. ... ng-buster/

Anti gold Spam
When you get a message about gold selling you can click the 'report' button and it sends a ticket to a gm. ... igoldspam/

Tells you the level and rested bonus of all characters and time till fully rested. ... stedbonus/

Displays a casting timer telling you how long until you reach your destination while flying. ... flightmap/
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Post by cronulus »

I like Dotimer on my lock and Energywatch on my rogue.

Dotimer can show a countdown on your dots and curses.
Energywatch lets you know when your next tick of energy will come.

I don't remember where I got them though. Just ask me and I'll zip it and send it over. Or if anyone finds a good spot. ;-)
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Post by Yasu »

Beckie wrote:
Enables you to see what all your alts are wearing and what is in there inventory and bank. ... ersviewer/

In addition, I use an addon called Altoholic to keep track of this for me. ... holic.aspx

Basically does what Beckie's addon does, and it also keeps track of mail, you can check your specs and saves to instances, the amount of currency you have, it even shows professions and lists of which items you can make/craft. It is legendary :)

PS: Threadnecro!!
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Re: List of Required and Recommended Addons

Post by Beckie »

This is so out of date that I use a diff addon for the same thing now and have done as long as I remember. Gogo armory (thats the addon name and not the site). It also tells me how many days played I have on each of my characters in a nice little you have no life table.
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