Welcome to the CTSamurai Guild Website. CTSamurai are a World of Warcraft Guild playing on the European Neptulon server. It was founded as the friends-only Nightstalkers Guild on the Warsong realm on the day WoW was launched in Europe, and evolved into its present form during the migration to Neptulon.

The Cardboard Tube Samurai:

Our Guild name and identity is based on the Cardboard Tube Samurai featured in the Penny Arcade web comic created by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, and is used with their kind permission. The Cardboard Tube Samurai is a wandering warrior who uses his trusty Tube to mete out justice to any miscreant foolish enough to cross his path. If you've never heard of Penny Arcade, or have somehow missed the travels of the CTS, I'd suggest you catch up by reading of his adventures here.

Guild Aims:

Our main aim is to have a friendly environment in which to play and to enjoy the game itself. We are a casual gamers Guild and our focus is more on having fun than on defeating every possible challenge that the game can throw at us.

We are not a "hardcore" or "professional" Guild and as such will not demand any more of your time than you are freely willing to give, nor will we force you to play your character in any particular way. If your main focus is on "end game" instance raiding then this is probably not the Guild for you. That said we are certainly interested in "end game" content and will run Guild raids to those instances as and when the Guild and its leaders feel it's desirable and beneficial to do so. Feel free to check our DKP site as a guide to our current raiding situation.

Guild Structure:

There are effectively six ranks within the guild:

Guild Rules:

As Samurai we prize honour, respect and integrity above all else. We have only one rule:

1. Don't be a dick

To attempt to clarify exactly what this means, here are a few guidelines on expected behaviour:

Ultimately all of this can be condensed into the one rule - "Don't be a dick". Remember that we are a Guild and as such you should act as a Guild member.

The Master Samurai and Sensei are responsible for the enforcement of the Guild rule.


A complete explaination of the CTSamurai DKP system is posted in the CTSamurai Announcements section of our forums [link], but as a general guideline you can expect to gain DKP for attending Guild raids - the more challenging the raid is the more DKP you will usually receive. DKP can be spent either on purchases from the Guild bank or to obtain drops in Guild raids. Drops will usually go to the Guild member willing to bid the highest, though there are some rules :

Low quality items will usually be rolled for if needed, unless someone particularly wishes to bid for them.